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Safety Tips While Walking

 -Wear bright color clothing when out after dark.

 -Carry a small flash light.

 -Carry your cell phone for use in an emergency.

 -Never accept rides from a stranger.

 -If a driver pulls to the curb to ask directions, avoid getting too close. 
 Sex offenders often use this ploy to get children or women to come to their

 -If you are being followed, go to the nearest business or residence for help.
  Some communities have identified safe homes to stop for help and are marked
 as such, with placards furnished by the local police.

 -If you are being harassed by the occupants of a vehicle, you should turn and
 walk in the opposite direction.  The driver will have to turn around or
 backup to follow.

 -Women should keep their purse close.  Keep valuables in a another location. 

 -When approaching your home, have the door key ready so you can enter without

 -If you think you have been followed home, avoid going to your house as you
 don't want the bad guy to know where you live.

 SafetyCops Say if you think something is out of the ordinary report it to
 the Police.  Don't wait until its too late.

 Information Needed By Police

*  Vehicle license No., Make/Model and Color

*  Gender and Race of suspect
*  Approximate Age, Weight and Height if known of suspect

*  Clothing worn by suspect

*  Length and Color of suspect's hair

*  Any unusual Marks, Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry, Hat worn, Glasses, etc.

*  Last direction of travel of suspect, either on foot or traveling by motor  vehicle.

 SafetyCops say carry a whistle to scare off bad guy and draw attention.

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