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Volume 2       Number 10      

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Red Ribbon Week October 23rd - 31st: Red Ribbon week began in 1985 in response to the murder of Kiki Camarena, a DEA agent, abducted and killed by drug dealers. The Red Ribbon symbol is used today to make a visible commitment against drugs and as a call to action! October is Fire Prevention Month!

Remember to change your Smoke Alarm batteries when you change your clocks!!


Fire Safety At Work      

Many of the nation's annual 5,000 office building fires could be prevented if companies and employees followed basic on-the-job firesafe practices.

High Rise Fires

You are far more likely to do the right thing in a real fire if you are prepared for an emergency.

Smoke Detectors

By giving you time to escape, smoke detectors cut your risk of dying in a home fire nearly in half. Smoke detectors save so many lives that most states have laws requiring them in private homes.

Fire Safety for Babysitters

Every household should have an escape plan. When you baby-sit, discuss what to do in case of a fire with the adults in the household.

Fire Safety Tips

10 tips for fire safety


Bomb Threat Checklist

Received a telephone bomb threat at work? Have this checklist printed out and next to the phone. The information can help law enforcement.

Charity Cons

As despicable as it may sound, Con artists take advantage of tragedies, here are some guidelines for potential donors.


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