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SafetyCops Online

Volume 3       Number 9       

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College living is an exciting time in a person's life. For most students attending schools outside of their home town or state, it's their first sniff of independence--the first time many are away from their homes, families and friends for any length of time. But, while college opens many doors to new and exciting opportunities, it also introduces myriad new safety hazards, especially to students living in dormitories, apartments and other community living locations for the first time in their lives.

This month’s issue of SafetyCops Online is devoted to providing some safety tips to make your college experience a safe and memorable one.

Residence Safety

Whether living in a dorm or off campus housing you need to think about safety. These tips will ensure your residence is a safe on.


Street Safety

Much of a student's time is spent off campus. By following these tips and advice you can reduce your chances of being a target.


Campus Safety

Here are some more safety tips while on campus.

To find crime statistics for your college or university, use our At-A-Glance page and link to the Dept of Education's Campus Security Statistics website


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