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SafetyCops Online

Volume 3       Number 7       

In This Issue...

Airline Travel Tips

Heightened security measures require more time to properly screen travelers. This issue of SafetyCops is devoted to assisting you navigate our airports so that your business or pleasure trip is an enjoyable one.

Airport Do's & Don'ts

What to do and not do when traveling the nation's airports. Security is a serious business. By looking over this checklist you can avoid problems and expedite your travel.

Permitted and Prohibited Items

This checklist of both permitted and prohibited items while traveling by air will be helpful in avoiding delays and confiscations. 

Summer Safety Tips For Kids

A simple checklist for kids to have a safe and fun summer.

Amusement Park Safety Tips

A trip to the amusement or theme park can have lifetime memories. By setting up a few rules beforehand, your trip will be safe and fun for everyone.



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