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Volume 2       Number 11       

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Since the events of 9/11, Anthrax has become prominent in everyone's mind. What is Anthrax, Why it is dangerous, and How it is transmitted is addressed in this article from the Center for Disease Control (CDC).


Stalking: Questions and Answers

What is Stalking? The legal definition of stalking is defined primarily by state statutes. While statutes vary, most define stalking as a course of conduct that places a person in fear for their safety. 


Stalking: Safety Plan Guidelines

In addition to becoming familiar with stalking laws that presently exist, victims of stalking should be informed about the resources and procedural precautions available to assist and protect them.


Stalking: Incident/Behavior Log

It is critical that victims of stalking maintain a log of stalking-related incidents and behavior. Recording this information will help to document the behavior for restraining order applications, or criminal prosecution. It can also help preserve your memory of individual incidents about which you might later testify.


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