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Use the hyperlinks below to view SafetyCops Online, the online Journal dedicated to increasing your Personal Safety. At-A-Glance offers places to go for answers to your crime prevention and personal safety questions. Also, please take a moment to visit our Sponsors. They will certainly appreciate your patronage! To find out more about the SafetyCops click on the Biographies link.

Due to promotions at our regular (cop) jobs, we are unable to devote the time necessary to do a good job for our readers. Rather than let the quality of SafetyCops slip, it was decided to suspend publication with the Volume 3, Number 12 issue. We will, however, publish articles from time-to-time that we feel are beneficial to our readers. We want to thank all of you who supported us with your loyalty, and in helping us accomplish our mission of providing "Real Advice" about "Real Crime" by "Real Cops"!

SafetyCops Online



Volume 3, Number 12    "Understanding Teen Driver Car Crashes, Holiday Depression"

Volume 3, Number 11     "Child Safety Do's and Don'ts,  Describing suspects accurately"

Volume 3, Number 10     "Safety around Utilities, Public Transportation Safety, ATM Safety"

Volume 3, Number 9      "Safety while away at school"

Volume 3, Number 8       "Barbeque Grill Safety, Swimming Pool Safety, and Life Jackets"

Volume 3, Number 7      "Airport Security, Traveling Do's & Don'ts, Permitted and Prohibited Items, Summer Safety, and Amusement Park Safety"

Volume 3, Number 6       "The Homeland Security Advisory System", and "Strengthening Homeland Security"

Volume 3, Number 5      "Media Violence, Facts about Sexual Assault ,and Target Hardening Your Home"

Volume 3, Number 4      "Home Repair Fraud, Fraud Prevention Tips, Having a Safe Party"

Volume 3, Number 3      "Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, and Missing Children"

Volume 3, Number 2      "Crime Witnesses, Civil Justice, and Identity Theft"

Volume 3, Number 1     "Assault, Crime Prevention, and Elder Abuse"



Volume 2, Number 12    "Domestic Violence, Domestic Safety Plan, Drug Crimes, Drunk Driving"

Volume 2, Number 11    "Anthrax Threat, Stalking Tips & Guidelines"

Volume 2, Number 10    " Fire Safety, Charity Scams, Bomb Threat Checklist"

Volume 2, Number 9      "Safety for Children Grades K to 5, Child Sexual Abuse Tips for Middle School Grades, Safety Tips for Parents"

Volume 2, Number 8      "Cell Phone Safety, Summer Safety for Kids, & Bicycle Safety"

Volume 2, Number 7      "Safety Afloat, Fireworks Safety, & Airline Travel with Babies"

Volume 2, Number 6      "Travel tips for those visiting from abroad"

Volume 2, Number 5      "Missing Persons, Internet Safety, & Stealing Your Identity"

Volume 2, Number 4     "Workplace Violence, Walker Safety, and Video Violence"

Volume 2, Number 3     " Dating Violence, The Bully, Hate Crimes, and Firearm Safety"

Volume 2, Number 2     "Gangs, Curfew, Juvenile Law, Suicide, School Violence"

Volume 2, Number 1     "Driving Smart"



Volume 1, Number 7    "Holiday Shopping Safety, Shoplifting Prevention"

Volume 1, Number 6    "Campus Safety, Domestic Violence, Club & Date Rape Drugs"

Volume 1, Number 5    "Drug Abuse, Meth, D.A.R.E., & Halloween Safety Tips "

Volume 1, Number 4    "Stranger Danger, Babysitting, Internet Safety, & Travel Tips"

Volume 1, Number 3    "Burglary Protection for your Home and Business"

Volume 1, Number 2     "Con Games & Scams"

Volume 1, Number 1     "Safety While You're Out & About"


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