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Road Rage !!

by John Kolberg


You are driving down the road and for no reason the guy next to you cuts you off and shows you his middle finger. Although your initial gut reaction may be to retaliate with a similar gesture, you are best advised to forget about it and avoid any confrontation. These types of drivers have been known to exit their vehicle and challenge the other motorist to a gun fight. The problem is that the aggressor is the only one with a gun! An elderly Chicago man was recently killed due to road rage. He exited his car after cutting off another driver and a physical confrontation began. The victim was thrown to the ground by the assailant and struck his head against the pavement. The victim died a short time later at a local hospital. Incidents like this are becoming more prevalent. Road rage is national in scope and knows no economic boundaries; the driver of a $50,000 luxury car can be just as likely to become a violent offender as the driver of a $500 beater!

Don't give the other driver a reason to become mad. Follow these simple tips.

  1. Drive with courtesy in mind. Use your signal, don't tailgate, and don't become a horn blowing instigator.

  2. Show some tolerance. The other guy may have had a bad day too. He could be right on the edge. Don't push him over!

  3. Know where you're going. Stopping in the middle of the street to look at an address or street sign is a sure way to aggravate the guy behind you. Pull over if you're lost. Sounds simplistic but we have seen many instances where a driver will just stop in the road to get his bearings.

SafetyCops suggests that all drivers to carry and use a cell phone to notify police of any emergency. Get the license number of the offender. Stay in your car, lock the doors, and wait for the police to respond. Don't become a victim to road rage. Use good driving habits and report incidents of road rage to the proper authorities. Help the police get a handle on Road Rage!

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