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Dorm Safety

Lock your doors at all times, even when you are just going next door or to the bathroom. Most thefts occurs in under one minute.

Keep cash and jewelry in a locked drawer, cabinet or closet.

Never prop doors open, especially fire doors, even for a short time.

Do not allow strangers into dorms.

In a residential hall, screaming can sound like partying. In an emergency, be specific by shouting "help," "police," or "fire."

Keep your blinds closed to avoid advertising your life.

Do not leave your name on your answering machine. If you and your roommate are females, consider having a male friend prepare the announcing message for you.

Do not carry personal identification on your key chain.

Consider buying a door siren and door jams for dorm rooms. These devices range in price from $15 to $45 and can be taken from dorm to apartment.

When in an elevator, position yourself next to the controls. Having a stranger in control of the emergency stop switch could be dangerous.

Do not rely on "on campus" crime statistics if you want to learn about crime in your area. "On campus" covers only the classrooms, dorms, and common areas. "Off campus" crimes include fraternities, sororities, downtown, and student apartments. Students spend much of their time "off campus." 


Off Campus Apartment Safety

       List only initials and last name on mailbox.

Do not list your address in the phone book. The phone company can handle this upon request. Always change locks when moving to a new place. Install solid core/metal outside doors with metal strikes, dead bolts, and peepholes.

Windows are burglars' second choice. Install safeguards on every window that can be reached from the outside; window pins are easy to install and difficult to remove.

Have a phone in each room so that help is always within reach.

Keep shrubbery trimmed so as not to provide a cover for a burglar.

Don't open your door to a stranger, including door-to-door salespeople. Verbally answering through the closed door lets them know that the apartment is not empty. If the stranger is wearing a uniform, make them show you identification. If in doubt, have them wait outside while you call their company for verification.

If a stranger asks to use your phone, ask for the number and make the call while they wait outside. Furthermore, if some one dials your number by mistake, do not reveal your phone number, simply advise them to try their number again.

Do not leave a key under a doormat or flower pot, or in the mailbox or the ignition of your parked car. Burglars know all of the hiding places!

Do not carry an identification tag with your address on your key chain.

Leave only your ignition key with a parking attendant or repairman, as they could make a copy of your home key.

Lock doors at all times, even when home.

Leave outside lights on at night and close your curtains. Many rapes are crimes of opportunity. A rapist spots and watches his victim through a lighted window.

At night, when home alone, turn the lights on in several rooms to give the appearance that there are people in several rooms.

Get to know your neighbors. This will make it easier to spot strangers. When leaving your apartment, look around the area outside the apartment before exiting.


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