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Public Transportation Safety

For millions of Americans riding public transportation is an everyday experience. With lower crime rates generally across the country, our public transportation system is one of the safest in the world. Nevertheless, you should always remain alert when riding public transportation. Here are some tips for remaining safe:

Plan your trip. If necessary, call your regional Transportation Authority for night-time schedules for your bus or train.

"Call backs" are a good idea. Advise a family member, friend, or co-worker of your travel route and time. Call them when you arrive safely.

Have your exact fare ready before you leave home, the office, or a store. This way you won't have to fumble for your money at fare box, or display extra cash.

Use the busiest, best-lit stop possible both to get on and get off a bus or subway. If you must wait, stay near the attendant's stand or in the best-lit area available.

Find a seat on the aisle if possible. This allows you to observe everything around you, and to avoid getting "boxed in" against the window.

Sit near the driver or operator, if possible, but avoid sitting right next to the door. Thieves may try to snatch jewelry or personal belongings from people near the door and then exit quickly.

Don't let yourself doze off on a bus or subway, or become too engrossed in a book. It can make you an easy target.

Keep your purse, shopping bag, backpack, packages, or other belongings in your lap, on your arm, or between your feet. Do not leave them on an empty seat.

Avoid displaying expensive looking watches, rings, necklaces, or other jewelry. Don't invite trouble.

Be wary of noisy passengers arguing or causing a commotion. This could be staged to distract you while others are trying to steal your valuables.

Observe the behavior of those around you. If you feel uneasy or threatened, change your seat or alert the conductor of driver.

Minimize the chances of losing your property by avoiding crowded buses and train cars.


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