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Items Prohibited in Aircraft Cabins

The following items will not be allowed through the security checkpoint. Please note that this list is not all-inclusive. In addition to items specifically listed here, other items that may be deemed to present a potential threat may also be prohibited.

Automatic weapons
Baseball bats
BB guns
Billy clubs
Blasting caps
Bows and arrows
Box cutters
Brass knuckles
Bull whips
Cattle prods
Compressed air guns
Cricket bats
Crow bars
Disabling chemicals or gases
Fire extinguishers
Flare pistols
Golf clubs
Gun lighters

Hand grenades
Hockey sticks
Hunting knives
Ice axe/Ice pick
Knives (any length)
Large, heavy tools (such as wrenches, pliers, etc.)
Martial arts devices
Meat cleavers
Metal scissors with pointed tips
Numchucks (nunchaku)
Pellet guns
Pen knives
Pepper spray
Plastic explosives
Pool cues
Portable power drills

  Portable power saws
Razor blades (not in a cartridge)
Religious knives
Replica weapons
Road flares
SCUBA knives
Shot guns
Ski poles
Spear guns
Starter pistols
Straight razors
Stun guns/shocking devices
Tear gas
Throwing stars
Toy transformer robots (this toy forms a toy gun)
Toy weapons

Passengers should be aware that there are no provisions for returning banned items to them when they are left at the security checkpoint. In addition, those who attempt to bring banned items through the checkpoints are subject to civil penalties of up to $1,100 per violation in addition to criminal penalties.

The items most commonly left at the checkpoints include: scissors (of all types), pocketknives, corkscrews, and mace. Please be sure to leave these items at home or in your check-in luggage.

While the above items are strictly prohibited from being carried into the aircraft cabin, many may be transported in checked baggage with these important exceptions:

bulletFirearms and starter pistols may be transported in checked baggage so long as they are unloaded and declared to the airline at the ticket counter before you go to the screening checkpoint.
bulletSmall arms ammunition for personal use may be carried in checked baggage but only if securely packed in fiber, wood or metal boxes, or other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition.
bulletOne self-defense spray (pepper spray or mace) not exceeding 4 fl. oz. may be carried in a checked bag if it has a positive means to prevent accidental discharge.
bulletCompressed air guns, fire extinguishers, flare pistols, and gun lighters are regulated as hazardous materials and may only be transported as cargo on passenger planes under strict limitations in quantity and packaging.
bulletOther items listed above are entirely forbidden in air transportation. These include disabling chemicals or gases, dynamite, gunpowder, hand grenades, plastic explosives, road flares, and tear gas.
bulletPassengers should also note that there are many items not referred to here that are restricted or forbidden as hazardous materials.

For more information, you may also call the Hazardous Materials Information Center at 1-800-467-4922. Violations of the hazardous materials regulations may result in fines of up to $27,500 per violation, as well as criminal fines and/or jail.


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