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"Club Drugs"


Street Names:

Liquid "E"
Liquid "X"
Liquid Ecstasy 


Street Names:

Blue Nitro
Fire Water


Will apply to both GHB & GBL

-Similar to water or "Karo" syrup
-Blue color will frequently be added to resemble windshield washer solvent.
-Frequently carried in either water bottles, eye drop bottles, or mouth wash bottle. 

GBL itself is legal, but once metabolized, turns into GHB,a controlled substance.

Two methods to metabolize GBL into GHB

Internal-Human ingests GBL and when reaches liver in blood, it turns into GHB.

External-GBL plus a "base" product it turns into GHB.

ZEN-Itself is an over-the-counter legal product which, when ingested by human, converts to GHB.

Effects: GHB, GBL and ZEN

-Enhances the sense of touch
-Stimulant/Depressant of the central nervous system
-Drunk like behavior
-Physical coordination may be impaired
-Loss of orientation
-Loss of gag reflex
-Deep sudden sleep with sudden alert

General Information:

-User generally between ages of 18-25 years old
-Term for using GHB is called "rolling"
-Aggravated effects when mixed with alcohol
-Look at hands-users are recommending to friends that users mark their hand with the letter "G"or "GHB" so as to alert others substance is being used.

See DATE RAPE DRUGS for additional details. Also check the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency's web site for information at

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