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Airline Traveler Tips: Do's & Dont's


bulletAllow extra time. Arrive Early.
bulletPlease Be Patient, as the federalization of security at the airports continues.
bulletPlease be vigilant for suspicious activity and report it to authorities.
bulletKeep your baggage with you at all times.
bulletPlease review the guidelines for what you CAN take in your carry-on luggage. (Click Here)
bulletBring a government-issued photo ID. (If you have photo identification for your children, please bring those as well.)
bulletBring your ticket or a print-out of your itinerary for your E-ticket.
bulletPlease prepare your children for the security checkpoints. Advise your children that all bags and toys must go through the X-ray machine. Leave toys at home that could be mistaken for weapons. (Click Here for More Information)
bulletIt is recommended that while in line at the checkpoint, please remove your cell phone and pager, take out your keys and change and put all of them into your carry-on bag. This will save time once you arrive at the metal detector and save everyone time waiting in line.


bulletCarry weapons including guns or knives, in your carry-on luggage.
bulletCarry prohibited objects like scissors, pocket-knives, mace, and corkscrews. (For more prohibited items, click here.)
bulletJoke about terrorism, weapons, or firearms while in the airports or threaten or appear to threaten passenger screeners. All remarks like be taken seriously. This could lead to arrest and/or fines. At a minimum, you may encounter a delay in travel.

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