SafetyCops Online

Volume 2        Number 1        January 2001

In This Issue...............


Winter Driving Tips         The winter season brings additional driving challenges and hazards, and requires some modifications to our normal driving habits. This article offers some tips that can help you avoid becoming another traffic statistic.


Belts, Bags & Babies     Child Safety Seats, Seat Belts, and Air Bags are life savers. They only work however if you use them! 


Car Lemon Laws           Think your car is a lemon? Know your consumer rights and take action!


Alzheimer's Disease & Driving    For many caregivers one of the most difficult decision to make is whether to restrict the driving privileges of the Alzheimer's patient. This article by Danny Cain discusses when it may be no longer safe for them to drive and what you can do to restrict their driving privileges.


Preparing Your Car for Winter        By taking a few steps before bad weather strikes you can spare yourself a lot of aggravation should a breakdown occurs.